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"A [two]-story masterpiece." --KSL, Channel 5

"[i]f there is one art attraction that Utahns will be talking about for years to come, it's the 337 Project."--In Utah This Week

"I'm blown away. This is the most amazing thing I have seen in this city." --Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson

"This year's coolest public art phenomenon."--Salt Lake Tribune

"Once again, the 337 Project has delved into Salt Lake's underground creativity and brought up gems most of us didn't even know were here."--Salt Lake Magazine

"[P]erhaps the most ingenious use of boxes in art since Andy Warhol"--City Weekly


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Recognized as the best art education program in Utah in 2009, the all-new 337 Project Art Truck brings the very best in contemporary art directly to students from elementary school through college. 
In this latest iteration, BYU Art Professor Peter Everett transforms the interior of our old vegetable truck into a stunning multimedia exploration of Utopia, a paradise on earth. 

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Everett's creation grows from his own childhood associations with freight vans as he recalls his family frequently moving from town to town, always headed for "a better place." 
Art Truck visits are accompanied by a teaching guide and a professional educator who will walk students through the experience.  The Art Truck is always FREE. 

Please email education@slartcenter.org
or call 801-328-4201 x129 to arrange a visit to your school
or community event today!

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See how students who have visited the Art Truck are discovering art all around. Visit our blog at www.337project.blogspot.com
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The Art Truck Rides Again!

The stunning documentary film "Afterimage: The Art of 337," by Alex Haworth and Davey Davis, is available for purchase through its creators at The Dada Factory.

"Pick up a copy of this gem [which] captures just how incredible the project was and will continue to be."--Slug Magazine

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Face Off 2010

This year's 2010 Urban Gallery has to be seen to be believed. Nine teams of artists have each been given a garage door and 18 hours to create a masterpiece. You, the audience, will help select which artists will share $2000 in prize money.

So come down to Neighborhood House, 1050 W. 500 S. in SLC, and watch the action on: Friday, Sept. 17 (from noon til 7 pm), and Saturday, Sept. 18 (from 8 am til 7 pm).

Salt Lake Art Center will provide free hands-on art activities for kids and their families from noon til 6:00 pm on Saturday, Sept. 18!


FEATURING: Spencer Barton; alison buck; Laura Boardman & Joey Behrens; Kier Defstar; Rachael Domingo; Veronica Perez; Zachary Proctor, Lane Bennion, Richard Landvatter & Matt Larson; Tony Poulson; Riktor
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